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James Hong

Monday, January 09, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Man, It's been weeks since the SNL skit was shown, but I still can't get this stupid rap video out of my head. I think I watch it 20 times a day. I think I'll throw a party where all we have is cupcakes, red vines, and mr pibb.. (anyone know which alcohol mixes well with mr. pibb?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear James, I read you are one of the founders of I have been there for a real long time, unfortunately 2 weeks ago I met a 'lady' over there that was posting links at her site to my locked and unlocked nude pics with the requests to modify and abuse them. And spamming me. In that week I received 8 accounts that spammed me over 10,000 msgs, and when I am online there again the same will happen. In that week also 2 accounts were created to post my locked/unlocked nude pics, and now I found out that one of them made the nude pics for 'friends only' and is contacting underaged children. That same person is member of many many mod clubs at Yafro and she begged them to modify and abuse my pics. I am still waiting for to see the 1st mods, but I am also aware those pics might first be distributed amongst those abusers' clubs (in private) before I will see them. Because I looked at the clubs they joined over there and there is 2 clubs that are used to post nude pics in private. I contacted Yafro many times, but no reply at all. The weekend before X-mas she posted for over 2 days long those links to my pics (she was even changing the links, after I adjusted my profile name many times that weekend, just to make those links not working). She actively applied to abusers to abuse my pics. With direct requests under the pics and links posted to my pics, and by mail (te msg option at Yafro). Those posts (with those links and requests) she deliberately deleted. Now she posted things about making me looking the bad guy (and not the victim) in her 'friends only' pics. I really don't know how to get reaction from Yafro. My pics are already abused and I am unsure forever what will ever happen to those pics. I can tell you much more about this person, but

my request to you:

please inform Yafro to contact me really soon now, because someone is working to making me look like a pedophile with those fake accounts in which they post my nudies and contacting underaged people.

I liked Yafro, and I want to keep it the way it is, but if there will be no support from Yafro to ban this abuser out (she will be an abuser forever and other people are just wondering why their locked pics are appearing somewhere else), then I have only one option left that I really don't like: bringing charges against yafro. Please help me by contacting and getting a direct respond and support from them. Thanks in advance.

My Yafro account is named: SuperDutchy.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, well I hate to put a damper on your blog like the other guy, but like he said, there is never any response from support when emailing yafro about problems. I was just wandering as well as a few thousand other people I'm sure, what the deal is with the technical difficulties on the site. I love yafro. I'm paid at the moment and wouldn't mind paying monthly if it fixed the technical problems. Any idea when the emails might start flowing again? And also, just a nice suggestion, it would be a considerate to have some sort of post telling yafro users what the problem is so people aren't constantly wandering and putting up signs about not getting emails and such. Thanks and take care! yafro username JENNnOHIO

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Jenn, who is fabulous, I'd like to register that most of us love Yafro and are just glad it's there when it is.

Regarding SuperDutchy and his self-created drama... LOL!


10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey James, thanks so much for the Yafro email fix!! Not sure if my comment helped, but thanks regardless. Yafro isn't just a website, it's an addiction! Hahhahahahaha :D JENNnOHIO xoxo

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man this is cool that you have a blog. I'm very surprised that it's not flooded with comments, seeing as you are one of the creators of and other websites. It's fantastic that you've come up with the ideas for the sites and followed through with creating them. Also, "10 over 100" is really cool. I love that concept. Anyway, just thought that I'd comment on your site before it becomes dominated by messages just like mine. Haha, now I know that mine will be read. Big fan, and member (sherga), of

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding to Muzzlehatch: on his mutuals list at I see many of those people that were actually involved in that pics abusement thing ... I recognise some of the spammers on your list and I see the main abusers there too.

So now I understand in what context I have to put your remark here. You are just a supporter of pic thieves and abusers, no wonder you like Yafro the way it is. And I assume that by supporting them you also like the child abuse they do with my locked 'adult marked' nude pics by contacting and adding underaged girls :(

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James, thank you for Yafro. I'll not complain about yafro website disruptions, as it is free, and in that respect, we certainly get out of it what we pay for it.

And I'll try not to pile on, but as you'll undoubtedly see, a look at SuperDutchy's page ( will confirm his weakening grasp on reality. And he's been here a "real long time", which translates to about 5 months. Quite the chuckle to those of us who are approaching 2 years here.

I ramble...but thanks for Yafro.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi james i would just like to say that yafro is great apart from Superduchy and his many alias on here! He seems to be totally unconnected with reality and always seems to be bothering Friends of the person he claims is doing the pic thefts

In reality she is the one who is having her pics stolen for example check out these two links both set up by Superduchy to try and discredit her and a couple of friends of hers!

both of these people i have spoken to and they both are unhappy at the slander he is creating!
Sorry this has been a rant!!
But apart from this idiot yafro is a great place!
Cheers james!

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doodz!!! You like should sell yafro to JohnnyDarkness because is like king and stuff. Anyways, I like totally love you guys and wish I could kidnap you both and lock you in my dungeon.

12:06 PM  

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