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James Hong

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shanghai Nightlife

I've been having a great time in Shanghai, but my liver hasn't been.

The party scene here is unreal, and it's more the norm than unusual for me to get home around 6am on a daily basis.. More interesting than the fact that there is a strong party scene here is the fact that it is just as cosmopolitan as NYC and London. I really wasn't expecting that, I'd always had the image of china being a backwater country stuck in my head. Here are some pics and videos of what I've found:

This is Bar Rouge, a fancy expat bar on the rooftop of a building on the Bund. Every now and then they set the bartop on fire and pass out

Here are some pics from a party we went to thrown by French champagne maker Vieux Clicquot.. I'm not sure exactly what the party was for, I think it was just some sort of brand building event, but all I know is that they were uncorking bottles of their top end stuff like there was no tomorrow, and I wasn't complaining!! I actually don't normally like champagne, and maybe it is just the amount i drank speaking, but this stuff was pretty good..

Pics with some geishas they had walking around.. That's my buddy martin from beijing on the left, me in the middle, and patrick (founder of on the right..

Here's a pic of me with some mimes they had walking around..

They also had Wushu artists performing in the crowd.

The clubs in Shanghai are also pretty incredible. First of all, they must have the best air conditioning systems known to man, because even in a crowded room full of hundreds of dancing bodies, it's always comfortable. Lots of clubs like to have gogo dancers, and in the club in this video, the dancers also liked to have random props and would come out and do random performances.. In this one, a bunch of songs they were playing were "revolution" themed, so they came out decked in army pants. For just a normal club, it was all pretty over the top.

Finally, here's a pic for my friend jameson to see. I finally met his friend Alina, who was Miss Universe China 2004 (and in typical asian style, has decided to start acting, and i'm sure a singing career is also in the works,lol) at a small party thrown by Warner Brothers Asia. We met a bunch of famous chinese actors and directors, and some American ones like Ed Norton, who appeared to be just as smashed as I was. (Unfortunately, I was too smashed to think of taking a photo). Also pictured is Martin, myself, Jason, and Patrick.


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