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James Hong

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm kind of known for being impulsive sometimes. That includes investing in stocks that I think are gonna be hot, for no fundamental reason other than I see their product and think it's gonna be HOT.

Last year when the Tickle Me Elmo came out, after seeing the video on YouTube, I immediately bought 4 units on amazon's marketplace and bought a ton of stock.. indeed, Mattel had an awesome quarter, not just with elmo but with barbie too, and the stock did really well.

I spent this past christmas at my brother's place, and saw his kids get their Wii.

Unreal. This thing is AWESOME... I still haven't gotten one yet, but I NEED one. Seriously, this thing is gonna make gaming SOOO much bigger. I used to play computer games back in the late 80's/early 90's, but along the way the industry got taken over by hardcore gamer types. What happened to Tetris?!? and Pacman??! and other games that were simple and easy but fun and addicting too??

The Wii is it. Innovative, FUN controllers. Simple games that are fun to play with your friends. They even allow you to personalize the players, little characters they call Mii's (pronounced Me's). Brilliant.

10 minutes later, I placed a market order set to buy (Ticker: NTDOY.PK) . So far, the stock has gone up, then has dropped back down a little bit. I'm not worried, this thing is gonna be huge.. I have no doubt about that. Normal people like me are gonna get Wii's. Hardcore gamers are gonna get xboxes/ps3's AND Wii's.. Within a few years, we'll all have one.

If you haven't seen it yet, find a friend who has one and ask to play it.. For all you fellow non-hardcore-gamers, it'll be like the first time you saw the Atari 2600.

For those that haven't seen how it is different, here's an old trailer video:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats actually how I invest as well. Buying companies I like, and it has worked out well. For example, Google and Chipotle.

Happy Chinese New Year!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Simply Me said...

Ok, this I might be able to play. I used to love video games. Super Nintendo was my last system ever, after that, everything got too complicated. The controllers on game systems had like 30 different buttons to deal with.

Call me blond but I was just lost. lol

7:39 PM  

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