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James Hong

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man Versus Wild and Survivorman

About a month ago, i got hooked on the tv show Man versus Wild. Then I heard there was a more hardcore show where the dude didn't have a film crew and just filmed himself, called survivorman.

the biggest difference i noticed between the 2 shows is that after 3 days of not eating and being out in the wild, the survivorman seemed to often get really lethargic and somewhat depressed, while the man versus wild guy seemed to always have lots of energy.

i also noticed that in man versus wild, the host is labeled as "presenter" in the credits, while someone else is always labeled as "survival expert"

all of this, plus the fact that things always happened to happen just a bit too conveniently for the man versus wild host (i need water.. oh look, here's a spring!! how lucky!!), led me to believe the show must be staged... which is fine, nothing wrong with saying "this show will educate you on what to do", but they actually claim that he is surviving out in the wild somewhere.

today, somebody sent me this awesome video confirming everyone's suspicions:


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