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James Hong

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Go Zero G!!!

Last year, my close friend S invited me and a bunch of other friends to join him on Zero G, an airplane that simulates the weightless of space by following a parabolic flight path. (15 times in a row, it nosedives for 10,000 feet then pulls back up just as fast) It was easily one of the best experiences of my life. This past weekend I was lucky to go a second time for my buddy G's bday party.

For an experience that lasts about 15 minutes the price is steep (but makes sense it would be expensive considering it is basically you and 30 other people renting out a specially modified Boeing 727 for 2 hours). That being said, it is definitely worth the price to experience zero-g some point in your lifetime. It is UNREAL.

In other words, DO IT!!!!!!! It is awesome!!!!!!

The Zero G people are smart, apparently they are now going to be flying the plane mostly out of Las Vegas.. sounds like every bachelor party now has something cool to add to the agenda! VC/Private Equity shops should probably start doing this as a team bonding thing too.

You can learn more about it on the zero-g website here.


Blogger Simply Me said...

Lucky you!! I watched the jackass guys do this in their movie and it looks so unreal!! Great picture James.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a lot of fun being weightless with you! (and i envy your zero g stunts)

11:16 AM  

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