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James Hong

Monday, February 09, 2009

Stephen Fowler is NOT representative of people in San Francisco

I just watched an episode of Wifeswap that has gotten a lot of attention recently.

There's a horrible person in Noe Valley named Stephen Fowler who is obnoxious, snotty, mean, and rude beyond imagination.

I really hope people don't watch this show and think this guy is typical for San Francisco. Even here, he's a serious asshole.

And to the Fowlers, as someone who also got an MBA (and spent some time at your alma mater London Business School), let me be the first to tell you that an MBA is hardly an "advanced degree".

Apparently he is a venture partner at some fund called the Fulcrum Fund.

UPDATE: I had videos from YouTube on here, but apparently the production company and ABC had them taken down. Perfect chance to show people clips of their show to grow awareness and interest, and instead they idiotically take it down. Sometimes I wonder if these old media companies realize how shortsighted they and how badly they are shooting themselves in the foot.

There's a blog dedicated to explaining why the dude is a douchebag


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who flogs their GRE score like he did is obviously a douche. Being a midwesterner and having lived on the right coast for 5 years I met many people who held the same opinion of us as Mr. Fowler. Granted this opinion isn't too prevalent, but until the media stops portraying midwesterners as gun toting evangelical fast food junkies who all voted for Bush I don't think we will make too much progress shedding the stereotype some people may have of us.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want the world to know that that mr. Fowler is NOT representative of San Francisco, nor our liberalism, nor our educational values, nor our eco-environmental values, nor anything else for that matter!

Mr fowler is just his own personal-idiot and not to be mistaken for where he comes from or where he currenlty resides.

I am ashamed that my family has so much in common with this family!
kid goes to the same school his kids' attend, also from brit-expat family, and we live less than 2 blocks away! YET, I am NOT ashamed to tell you that we HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON with his beliefs, his verbage, or his influences,

please america, please realize, that this is just one idiot, in an ocean full of people who would want us all to live in peace!

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog James. I have an advanced degree as well (MS in Computers) but I would never beat someone over the head with how much smarter I am then they are, especially in front of my children. This man was very passive-aggressive, even making his children do his dirty work for him by telling them not to talk to her. When she let the children have fun, they seemed to take to her and I get the feeling that this frightened Mr. Fowler greatly. It broke my heart when his little girl said (at the end of the show) that it showed her how valuable education was because Mrs. Long wasn't that smart. People who would use their children like that and bias them against fellow human beings are just plain despicable.

7:59 AM  

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