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James Hong

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disturbing video

Yet another example of propaganda being put out that may contribute to racism against Chinese people (and Asians in general) in the US.


Blogger Mike Belshe said...

The commercial wouldn't be as powerful if it had a German (or any other nationality) leader in it.

I guess you'd be concerned if I told you I thought the US should invade China now, huh?

10:38 PM  
Blogger james said...

I dunno, are you actually serious that you think the US should invade China, and under what grounds?

Even if the US were ever justified to do so, the day we invade china is the day they exercise their economic nuclear option (

The US knows how powerful that threat is because we practically invented it, using it against the British to get them to back down during the Suez Canal Crisis.

I'm not worried as much about full on confrontation with China leading to racism in the states (which is what happened during WWII), but there is still a lot of room for rhetoric and aggressive posturing (and inciting propaganda before reaching that point.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Mike Belshe said...

I'm just joking. We won't invade China, nor should we. But to really be horrified, read on!

Think about it - our military is the world's best today. Although outnumbered by China, our tech is far ahead, especially militarily. Today, we have the financial and military might to do as is best for our country, regardless of how cruel it may be to others. 20 years down the road, however, life will be different. Our military will be worn down after decades of incessant financial cutbacks, and our finances will be far more dire than they are today. We won't have the option then. So.... invade now.

But we can't launch this war as an economic one - to do so would collapse confidence in the dollar worldwide. Instead, subtly do so under the guise of "liberate the suppressed people of China" and even get the support of the UN. Fortunately, we don't have to bend the truth much to justify this war.

We then embark upon a multi-year aerial assault on China's military and economy, sending China back at least 20 years. We do need to figure out how to prevent a nuclear retaliation, that is a risk. We probably need to take out all their nukes on day 1.

When it is all over, of course, we'll tell China that it will yield its US bonds in payment for their liberation. (Of course, the RNB will be much less valuable) We'll prop up a democratic-looking government which will last for a while, but may or may not stick. That wasn't really the point anyway.

Finally, be comforted by the fact that this has nothing to do with racism. Sure, China isn't the only creditor to the US; but China is the only threat to taking over America's dominant global economic position. That's why China gets called out so often.

I'm not advocating the US attack China. I'm really just commenting that America's ability to alter its path is quickly waning. Barring a major event (like war), we know where the future leads.... and it's China.

12:03 AM  

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