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James Hong

Monday, October 11, 2010

US Politicians creating propaganda against the Chinese

The level of hypocrisy on Tim Geithner's part when he accuses China of manipulating its currency is astounding. The US is manipulating currency more than anyone else out there. It's no wonder the US is having a hard time rallying other countries to crack down on China on this issue.

Tim is not the only one badmouthing the Chinese for political purposes. According to a NYT article, China is now being scapegoated in a ton of political ads this season. As usual, these political ads exaggerate and take data out of context in order to create fear and anger, in hopes of drawing votes. For instance, they might claim that China has "stolen" x manufacturing jobs from the US, when in fact those jobs had already been exported long ago to countries like Taiwan.

I speak a bit about where this kind of scapegoating can lead in a former blog post. It's not pretty.


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