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James Hong

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Some more political ads designed to cast Chinese as the enemy

In the past I've written a bit about how US politicians were starting to demonize Asians, and specifically Chinese (all look same anyway!)

and of couse the well produced commercial about a chinese professor lecturing to his students.

today this ad appeared during the Superbowl in Michigan.

I also just saw this video from half a year ago for some dude that ran in Nevada for Congress


Blogger Gemfinder said...

I commented on your original 9/4/09 post, arguing "it can't happen here" because the US is fundamentally defined by ideology, not ethnicity.

Yes, that Super Bowl ad is worse than I would have thought possible to air during a major TV event. Then again, it aired regionally in Michigan, a heavy-industry state still flat on its back. It targets factory workers' fears about China, not Chinese. Similar foolishness happened after the rise of Japan in the early 1980s, yet no anti-Asian backlash resulted.

So as stupid and outrageous as this stuff is, I'm not sure the ad rises to the level of a national trend toward anti-Asian racism.

I hope.

3:14 PM  

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