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James Hong

Friday, November 24, 2006

AMAZING music video

Supposedly MTV is not airing this video.. not sure exactly why, though.. I think it is extremely thought provoking. Some people think MTV programming is just a bunch of drivel. I actually disagree, I think they push the edge quite a bit, but it's primarily been perceived as being on the sillier side (in the same way that people might think HOTorNOT is silly). I have a lot of respect for MTV management and MTV viewers.. and I think MTV viewers deserve the respect to be shown intelligent things like this.

Every now and then, I think it's important for HOTorNOT to do something edgy but more "serious" as well.. that's why we did VOTE orNOT. The MTV programming people should take a stand and air this video, even if the Army is a major advertiser on their station. My suspicion is that the people that the Army wants to recruit would look at this video and say "right.. war is hell, but it's what we have to do to ultimately protect those children and win them their freedom". People are going to look at the same thing and come to different conclusions based on their different modes of thinking.

It's time for MTV to make people think again... controversy can be a good thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

james this movie is well put together and i think its great thanks

10:23 PM  

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