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James Hong

Monday, May 21, 2007

Anshul Samar

Video of a 13 year old kid named Anshul pitching his card game at TieCon.

I'm not sure if kids want to play games that involve learning, but seems like a good idea if the kids don't realize they're learning, and the parents are the ones buying! what he needs next is a pokemon style cartoon, to be distributed on PBS or something :)

more impressive are anshul's pitching skills at the age of 13 :)

I doubt it's a venture play, but hopefully somebody is willing to angel him!


Blogger Simply Me said...

Brilliant idea. Of my three kids, my oldest really gets into those types of card games. Not so much Pokemon anymore, but Magic is pretty big now.

I hope he reaches his goal, I think kids will really pick up on it AND be learning chemistry in a fun way.

Where were these kids when I was a kid? heh heh.

4:22 AM  

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