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James Hong

Thursday, September 27, 2007

If I could go back in time and change my major..

One of my friends from business school is a fellow named oren tversky. Oren is low key and modest to the extreme, and he is also in my estimation one of the most intelligent people i know. he thinks about (and worries about) things that most people don't.. which i'm not sure is a blessing or curse, to be honest.

I later found out that Oren's dad was a famous professor named Amos Tversky, who pioneered a lot of research in the decision sciences and would have won the nobel prize had he not unforunately passed away. His partner in crime on the groundbreaking research, Daniel Kahneman (who did receive the nobel prize for their work), spoke at an EDGE conference recently, and they have some transcripts of parts of his talk here. I enjoy reading this stuff so much, i had to link it.

If I could go back in time and change my major, I would absolutely join their field. Understanding their research is probably one of the best ways I can think of becoming a better innovator of products. I also recommend a book called Influence. and The Game (interestingly, pick up artists use a lot of technique based on academic theory.. i recall the author of the game even cites the influence book a couple of times.)


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