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James Hong

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fun in the Sun with U2 and Kelly Hu

Me, Kelly, and my friend Betty

What a great weekend!!

I flew to Hawaii with a bunch of friends, went snorkeling, and went to U2's last concert of their Vertigo tour. Pearl Jam opened for them.

Then I went to a dinner that Patrick's buddy Kelly Hu put on.. In addition to being super HOT in person, she's also super nice (aren't all Hawaiians?). Her whole family and her friends were all really cool and mellow too.

I also met some other celebrities there like some of the people from the show Lost, which I am a huge fan of so that was insanely cool!! Thanks to Lance Bass for lending us his stuff at the beach. Amazingly, we didn't see any paparazzi hounding him and his boyfriend, who i guess were broken up but just got back together.

Also cool, apparently Lance uses my friend Max's product, Slide!

Me and Jason Scott Lee

Lance Bass


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Hey! I know betty!

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