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James Hong

Friday, June 08, 2007

while i'm posting videos..

one of my closest friends is philip kaplan, known to the web community as the dude who started and now adbrite.

most people don't know it, but besides being a really great entrepreneur, philip is also one of those guys who can play 50 musical instrumens really well and has a ton of other secret hidden talents that surface whenever he goofs around.

here are a couple of things he's made that i think are pretty funny, partly because they are so randomly creative, but also because if you think about, you start realizing that the guy is really talented (and silly, but in a good way):

he also used some mixing software to play every instrument and sing in this beautiful rendition of "locomotion" that he overlaid on kylie minogue's video.. creepy!

and this old school one i remember watching like 5 years ago


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant. These videos are brilliant.

Mark Bowness

4:01 AM  

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