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James Hong

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oh my god..

ok, i don't normally post random youtube things unless they're oddly unique.. I think this one qualifies.. Youtube is enabling hordes of people to bypass the need for Jerry Springer to have them on his show to reach the public.. isn't the internet great? :)

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that at 5:45 into the clip, you can see her pulling on a lock of hair, and you can kind of tell that she's actually wearing a wig.. so this clip is actually fake.. Which in many ways is more interesting, and now makes this post even more relevant. This is basically the next lonelygirl15.. people making so called "reality" clips that are actually staged, in order to get attention. Is it really any different than any reality show on MTV? (Don't get me wrong, as staged as those shows are, I still love 'em!

UPDATE 2: My friend Jeremy Liew sent confirmation that the video is fake.. TORONTO, Feb. 1 /CNW/ - The recent "Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out" video was an initiative from Sunsilk Haircare Brand in Canada. The video was created to dramatize that "bad hair" is one of the challenges faced by young women, many of whom have experienced their own "wig-out" moments. It was never Sunsilk Canada's intent to portray anything other than a dramatization.


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