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James Hong

Sunday, December 17, 2006

HOTorNOT Inspired Youtube


YouTube founders Steve and Chad actually mentioned in an article that they were inspired by HOTorNOT to create Youtube. One thing that they don't mention that hopefully was also a factor in why they didn't launch as an exact HOTorNOT clone is the fact that we are all friends.

Over the last 6 years, Jim and I have pretty much kept HOTorNOT the same, not wanting to mess with something we thought was almost embarassingly simple but worked so well.. kindof a "if it's working, why fix it and risk breaking it" sort of thing.. so we always told our friends who worked for us (or were interested in working with us) that they should go work on their own things.

Things have just changed. We've recently decided to stop being dinosaurs, and we're now starting to work on a lot of cool stuff for HOTorNOT that is fun and innovative, and hopefully will serve as the inspiration for more YouTubes (if not BE the next YouTube).

If you are a kick ass web developer and interested in working on lots of fun stuff that would be seen and used by millions of people, we are looking to hire! Check out our jobs page.


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