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James Hong

Friday, February 02, 2007

What is Gavin Newsom's fate? Let's predict it, HOTorNOT style!

It was recently revealed that San Francisco's Mayor, Gavin Newsom, had an affair with his campaign secretary. There are a lot of questions about what impact this will have on the rising star's future political ambitions.

I have a silly (but true?) theory about this. JFK was supposedly a womanizer, but the women he chose were HOT, like Marilyn Monroe. Clinton, on the other hand, was the target of impeachment proceedings for his antics.

My theory is that people are willing to tolerate and forgive a politician's indescretions if they can imagine themselves being tempted to do the same thing. If Monica Lewinsky were super HOT, one can easily imagine the amount of temptation Bill would have felt, and one might be more willing to forgive him for it. But since Monica Lewinsky isn't nearly as HOT, it makes it a lot harder to relate with Clinton, and therefore easier to demonize him.

So.. What does this mean for Gavin? If his lover (user: gavintest1) is rated HOT, then we predict his future is fine. If she rates lower than Monica, things look grim for him!

Here's where you can see the data: The Fate of Gavin Scoreboard


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