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James Hong

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

HOTorNOT users

Whether you support the US being in Iraq or not, I'm sure we all feel bad for the people that have to actually be there. It turns out that HOTorNOT is pretty popular over there, so one of my friends who is an Army officer asked for shirts for his men. We sent a couple hundred, and some of them were nice enough to send a picture.. thanks guys, hope you all make it home soon!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a fun time, my brother Tony brought his family up (four kids!) along with my mom who is in town.. I took care of dinner.. and by "took care of", I of course meant I bought a $99 pre-packaged Turkey Dinner meal from Whole Foods. It wasn't bad actually, and a heck of a lot better than if i'd tried to cook. Reheating counts as cooking sometimes, right? :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

10 Over 100 has launched!

I'd recently been wondering how much I should be giving to charity. What's too much, what's too little? Not belonging to a religion that tells me how much to tithe, it's a big question.

Josh and I started a website called 10 over 100 where we make the promise to give 10% of whatever we make over $100k to charity. So like if I make $150k a year, I would give 10% of $50k, which is $5,000 (pretax, so it really amounts more to being out of pocket maybe $3k)

ANYONE can make the promise no matter how much you make (if you don't make $100k yet, you are promising to start it once you DO make over $100k, and hopefully you will give whatever you can in the meantime). So all you princes and princesses out there, make the promise now!!

The hope is that by creating a rule about how much to give, it will become standard practice and will increase overall giving.. kind of how we have rules for how much to tip in the US. If those rules of social etiquette didn't exist, there would be a lot less tipping going on!

There was also an article about it in the NY Times today! Check it out!