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James Hong

Friday, November 24, 2006

AMAZING music video

Supposedly MTV is not airing this video.. not sure exactly why, though.. I think it is extremely thought provoking. Some people think MTV programming is just a bunch of drivel. I actually disagree, I think they push the edge quite a bit, but it's primarily been perceived as being on the sillier side (in the same way that people might think HOTorNOT is silly). I have a lot of respect for MTV management and MTV viewers.. and I think MTV viewers deserve the respect to be shown intelligent things like this.

Every now and then, I think it's important for HOTorNOT to do something edgy but more "serious" as well.. that's why we did VOTE orNOT. The MTV programming people should take a stand and air this video, even if the Army is a major advertiser on their station. My suspicion is that the people that the Army wants to recruit would look at this video and say "right.. war is hell, but it's what we have to do to ultimately protect those children and win them their freedom". People are going to look at the same thing and come to different conclusions based on their different modes of thinking.

It's time for MTV to make people think again... controversy can be a good thing.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Too funny

This was printed in the International Herald Tribune.. (thanks to Valleywag for the tip.

In actuality that is me on the left and Vu Nguyen on the right. The NY times article it came from is here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Big announcement.. and HOTorNOT is Hiring!

My doctor told me in August that i needed to change my lifestyle.. evidently my cholesterol is high and my liver is f'ed up.. basically for the last 6 (or 10) years, i've been eating like crap, not exercising enough, and drinking way too much. So i decided to stop drinking (for a while), have been eating healthier, and have been exercising. Believe it or not, I've dropped like 30 pounds in 3 months, which almost sounds unhealthy!!

All my newfound energy has led to me getting bored with what used to be a happy and content slacker lifestyle. I'm not sure this is a good thing,I was pretty happy before!!!

But anyway, since I'm not slacking as much anymore, I though it would be a good time for me to start working full time on HOTorNOT again (I stopped working on it full time about 2 years ago, and in the meantime I spent my time traveling, loafing, and starting Save My Ass and 10 over 100).

Jim and I shared a vision of what HOTorNOT could become 6 years ago (it's much cooler that what HOTorNOT is now, although we're pretty proud of what we have built so far), and its time to try and make that dream come true (or die trying!)

Apparently this work thing is reducing the time i have to date or travel, but I can honestly say that it's been a long time since i'd ever felt so anxious in the morning to get up and start working!! Usually I prefer to sleep in until lunchtime. Someone slap me, hard, i don't know who i am anymore!

Anyhow, wish me luck!!

oh, and by the way, for all of those people who have been asking us for years when HOTorNOT is going to become a real company and start hiring folks..we're looking for cool people to join us on our quest! If you are a good coder, are creative, and basically a cool person, send us an email at hotornotjobs (at) We're looking for smart dev and ops people who are into Linux, Mysql, PHP, AJAX, Flash, and/or anything else fun and interesting [MORE JOB DETAILS HERE] Trust me, the perks of working at HOTorNOT are quite good, and I honestly can't think of a website besides maybe myspace or facebook whose business cards are nearly as effective when meeting hotties. :)

Good Article...

This post is for all my friends who ever complain about their financial issues. Read it and realize how lucky you are.

I think the person in this article exhibits tremendous perseverence and character.. god knows whether i'd be able to resist a life of crime if i were in the same circumstances. knowing me, probably not!! :)

Link to article