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James Hong

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Olympic Torch Run

Julia worked in the city today, so she came home for lunch. As we were driving her back, we hit a road block.. Apparently they changed the route for the Olympic torch run, and decided to start it around Van Ness and Jackson.. which is exactly where we happened to be!

Noticably absent were any protesters, with the exception of one woman next to me yelling "Free Tibet". I guess most people were hanging out on the originally planned route along the embarcadero. Apparently, they had the person holding the torch go into some building on folsom, and people waited for her to come out, and the next thing you know she is halfway across town on van ness. how'd they get her out, did they dig a secret underground tunnel or something?? Gavin Newsom is a clever one!

I love how the red boat/car is named "Peking Duck" :)